What We Do

What We Do

Since 2006, we have led the way in bringing the CrossFit methodology to not only the local area, but throughout Australia & Southern Hemisphere. Training smart and effectively is no longer just the domain of the sporting professional.

Our Mission

Being the first fulltime CrossFit gym in Australia, our mission then was to introduce CrossFit to as many people as possible. Since those beginnings, our founder Darren Coughlan has become the most successful CrossFit Games Coach for producing rookie athletes, and those athletes all utilised the same programming that our clients do at the gym.

Our new mission is to continue to lead the way in the CrossFit community by fostering best practice, ensuring our clients have access to the best training resources for achieving their goals, and that they do so while also improving their lifestyle outside of the gym.

“We train in the Gym to Enhance our life outside of it, not to Replace it.”

— Darren Coughlan