Darren Coughlan

Darren Coughlan

Rugby 7s & CrossFit Newcastle

In Rugby 7s, the focus is on speed, agility, and endurance, with players needing to be able to cover more ground and make split-second decisions on the field.

Sleep, in a nutshell

Sleep is an essential process that allows our body to repair and rejuvenate. During sleep, several physiological changes occur in the body that play an important role in maintaining our overall health. Here is what happens to our hormones, muscles, organs, and body when we sleep:

Hockey, CrossFit Newcastle to give the edge

Hockey is a physically demanding sport that requires a combination of speed, agility, and endurance. It also requires players to have excellent hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and the ability to think and make split-second decisions.

Keto Diet, an example Week

Here is a sample weekly meal plan for a ketogenic diet, including macronutrient % and total calories for each meal:

Recovery; Sleep, Nutrition & Lifestyle

In conclusion, sleep, nutrition, and lifestyle are all important factors in recovery after exercise. Adequate sleep is essential for muscle repair and growth, hormone regulation, and cognitive function.